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Finally done

I’ve spent most of the day (yes, day!) trying to set up WordPress properly on my website. A combination of my hosts not working properly, an upgrade failing numerous times and me only half paying attention all added up. I think I’ve got the basics up and running now and will add more later.

I’m trying to decide if I should use this old banner I made up or stick with the plain text version. Any thoughts?

r4wr banner test


After growing tired of other places I figured I’d start a blog on here until such a time I can get out of my hosting agreement and find a provider that lets me run PHP and MySQL. The provider I’m with right now lets me run a very cut down version of WordPress but it’s got no customisation options. There idea of theme options is the same theme with very little difference. I’d host it on my computer but that would mean leaving it on 24/7 and I don’t want to do that. So, that means here is my temporary home. Huzzah I say!

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