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Mood swings

I’ve tried to avoid anything that might bring on a mood swing from situations to people to places.  For the most part I’ve managed to do it but there have been a few times when I can be around someone, anyone, and all they have to do is talk.  It doesn’t matter what it’s about or even if they’re talking to me, just talking can be enough to set off the feeling of rage and anger inside me.  I don’t always notice it but it’s definitely there and trying to figure out the reason behind it is proving more than a little difficult.

I know what the main root cause is, my anxiety and panic attacks, but I don’t know what it is in the situations that provokes the response.  I hope I can figure it out sooner rather than later because I don’t enjoy feeling that way and it’ll only take one slip for me to really fly off the handle and tear into someone.

Annoying Website Tactics

I’m so tired of running into websites with articles I might like to read only to find that instead of putting it on maybe one or two pages they’ve split it into as many small pages as possible to increase ad viewing. The first thing I do when that happens is make a mental note to avoid the site in the future. The second thing I do is leave the site.

If the article is a long list then perhaps I can understand it but as an example earlier today I Stumbled into a top 50 something or other. How many pages would you expect? One long page? Two pages with 25 items each? Nope.. At an outside stretch I might tolerate five pages with 10 items each. This particular site had somehow managed to stretch it to eight pages. Yes, eight pages with five items in very short paragraphs on each… WHY?! GREED! STOP IT!!

PlayStation Home

I still don’t know what to make of Home but I’m finding myself going there quite a bit to play bowling >_> Make of that what you will! There is a need for more content and more places to explore but I imagine that’ll come later. Now back to bowling I go!


After growing tired of other places I figured I’d start a blog on here until such a time I can get out of my hosting agreement and find a provider that lets me run PHP and MySQL. The provider I’m with right now lets me run a very cut down version of WordPress but it’s got no customisation options. There idea of theme options is the same theme with very little difference. I’d host it on my computer but that would mean leaving it on 24/7 and I don’t want to do that. So, that means here is my temporary home. Huzzah I say!

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